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Fundraising Event

Why do we raise funds for Hyer?  Because Hyer counts on us!  Close to 70% of the school district's property tax dollars are re-captured by the State for other school districts, the HPA's fundraising efforts helps the PTA make up for some of the loss of those dollars.

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Since 1979 the HPA's fundraising event was "The Happy Hollydays Bazaar" gift market raising over $500k since 2011.  In 2018 the HPA introduced its new fundraising event, "Hyer Faster Stronger" 5K Fun Run.  It's goals were two-fold:

  • raise funds to improve the educational experience for Hyer students and
  • establish an annual spring event that appealed to families and promote an active, healthy commitment to fitness and the outdoors.

For 2019-20, the HPA was proud to support Hyer with our $28,688 gift.  Despite having to cancel its "Hyer Faster Stronger" fundraising event this spring, the success of last year's event (i.e., 2018-19) and the generosity of our premium members allowed the HPA to give generously to Hyer again this year.  Hyer is so thankful for the hard work of so many of our dedicated HPA members, which allowed the HPA to support Hyer in such a big way over the last two years.

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Heart-felt Shout-out 
to our 2018-2019 Sponsors!

Please share our appreciation by supporting our sponsors throughout the school year and don't forget to share your appreciation via social media.

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